MIDIchlorian ShaolAngeles native "MIDIchlorian The Abbot of ShaolAngeles"
The eliments of Hip Hop have always lived in MIDIchlorian`s soul since a small child.
As a young teen he achived fame as a All City graffiti writer,one of about 50 in LA ever achive all city status.
But his first love was always music.
Fame on the LA streets eventually led to rapping and Dj'in then beat programming
In 1993 he bought his first sampler (The Ensoniq EPS) then later that year upgraded to a ASR10
Over the last 15 years he has perfected his craft of music production ,audio engineering,& sound design.
12 years ago he started SoundsForSamplers.com
The home of the illest drum kits on the net and has done sond design work for MANY big name artists (from The Outcasts through Warren G )
As well as making heaters he has deticated his life to teaching others the art of music production.
In 2003 he put out the Illbeats remix project that had about a half a million downloads on soul seek and other P2P sites
He has worked with many undergroungd artists.
To mention a few Chaka Kahn,Big Shug,Singapore Kane,Rappin Duke,2mex and some others,
But he is still the next undescovered producer with enough heat to set the game on fire in the 2010`s
MIDIchlorian REFUSES to conform to radio friendly shit hop on today.
All things come back in a circle and when the real hip hop production sound of the 90`s come`s back MIDIchlorian will be right in the forefront with that real hip hop heat,

Primary Contact: http:/www.soundsforsamplers.com

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